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FACT: Tennis is a sport but it is also a business:

Did you know that when you seek to reschedule your tournament match, the cost for the reserved tournament court does not disappear because 'you didn't use it,' but must still be contractually paid? Which leads to higher tournament costs? Only in rare instances are we able to release the already contracted court time and recoup our costs.

Please do not ask to reschedule on the basis of convenience; only in rare cases of emergency, and with the approval of the tournament director, will a match be rescheduled. Players rescheduling without permission are subject to DEFAULT - which means all points earned in that tournament are subject to forfeiture.


Q/A From TennisLink Regarding Online Registration Fees/Refunds

When are refunds issued?
When the player withdraws online, before the close of online registration, they will receive a refund for the amount of any tournament entry fees (processing fees are not refunded), within 3-5 business days.  

What if a player wants to withdraw after online registration closes?
They must contact their Tournament Director to withdraw. Once online registration closes, the Tournament Director may manage withdrawals and refunds based on their own tournament policies. If a Tournament Director wishes to issue a refund for offline withdrawals, they are responsible for issuing the refund by check (or cash).

What if a player withdraws before the deadline, but does not withdraw online?
It is recommended that the player use Tennislink to withdraw so that the entry fees can be applied directly to their card. If they do not withdraw online, regardless of the tournament registration deadline, the tournament director is responsible for refunds. 

Why doesn’t TennisLink issue refunds after online registration closes?
As soon as online registration closes, TennisLink initiates payment to the Tournament Director for all of the funds collected online.  TennisLink no longer has the funds collected from online registration so a refund must be made by the Tournament Director.    

Who is responsible for issuing refunds for canceled events?
If an event is canceled the player will need to contact the Tournament Director for a refund as the funds collected from online registration have already been transferred to the Tournament Director.