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What is a CTA?  A Community Tennis Association  is an organized group of dedicated volunteers and
professionals who come together to support community tennis programs. As an association, the group works to coordinate and maintain programs and services and guarantees they are open and accessible to all.  These tennis enthusiasts may act as advocates, program administrators, promoters, or fund-raisers.  Fueled by
local volunteers, this not-for-profit association exists to promote and develop the game of tennis in the

The following are active registered Community Tennis Associations in Utah:  Cache Valley Tennis Association, South Jordan Tennis Association, Coach Mike’s Tennis Academy, Friends of Liberty Park Tennis, Uintah Basin Tennis Association, Heber Valley Tennis Association, Utah Tennis, Foundation, Kanab Tennis Association, Utah Tongan Tennis Club, Marriott-Slaterville Tennis Association, Ogden Valley Community Tennis Association, North Canyon Swim & Tennis Club,  Grantsville Tennis Association & Tennis & Tutoring.


2014 CTA Highlights and Activities here provided by local Utah District CTA’s for our Annual Report.

KANAB COMMUNITY TENNIS ASSOCIATION - 2014 was a year of amazing growth for Kane Community Tennis.  Phys Ed programs are up and running in three schools, serving 30 at Valley High School, 400 at Kanab Elementary School and 60 at Big Water School.  We have partnered with USU Extension to provide a unique Good Sense/Tennis program for the entire student population in Big Water.  Lessons and clinics were held during 11 months this year with each opportunity filled to capacity, serving in excess of 200 players.  We have received USTA Facilities approval to paint 36’ courts at each of our three elementary schools and are looking forward to developing a dynamic team competition using these new courts.  Our challenge going into 2015 is to win approval and funding from 2 small towns, our county, and school board to build new courts in a very rural area where two of our four thirty year old courts are being demolished.   Submitted  by Andi Porter

HEBER VALLEY TENNIS ASSOCIATION – Tennis in Heber is doing great.  Each year we keep getting more people who want to participate.  On our Saturday men’s walk-on in the summer we are averaging 16 men.  It is a  problem in the Winter because we are still getting 12 men to play on two courts.  The Wasatch County recreation center will not open up the third court which has carpet on it for a variety of reasons so this has been a problem.  The positive part is that many live in Red Ledges and they have a two court bubble there and when we have this problem they are leaving to play there.  Women’s tennis is thriving.  They play Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.  On Fridays they reserve two courts and have very active eight women playing every week.  

Youth tennis has been really good.  We had over 30 young ladies try out for Wasatch High School girl’s tennis team and we  finished third in region.  This year we tried to activate our Quick Start program with the grade schools and had over twenty youth at one school.  Many of these kids kept playing with Bill Damron’s Timpanogas Valley Tennis thru the summer.  In fact, we now have three pros working with a variety of different age people in Heber Valley. In addition to Bill Damron, Red Ledges has their own pro and another individual moved up from St. George and teaches a variety of youth and adult programs mainly using the high school courts.   

Pickle ball has arrived in Heber City now.  This has been a real conflict with the tennis players mainly the women.  I won’t go into details but only to say that they convinced the Midway City Mayor to paint the lines on public courts and did it with bright yellow colors making the Pickle ball lines the dominant color and so it is hard to play tennis on these two courts.    The Wasatch County Rec center provides one pickle ball net.  As a result many pickle ballers have purchased their own portable nets and they have many times three games going on during the morning.  This has been positive because they are not playing on the tennis courts and ruining the tennis game by the pop pop noise and the line. They are playing on the volley ball courts in a separate room. I have to admit many tennis players are joining with them.  Submitted by Terry & Abby Wagstaff

SOUTH JORDAN TENNIS ASSOCIATION - South Jordan Tennis had another exciting year as the program continues to grow and flourish.  There were three tournaments held in 2014. The first was the South Jordan Country Fest Singles Tournament held in June. There were 35 participants.  The second tournament was the Great Dane (new sponsor this year) Tennis Championships at South Jordan held the third week in July. There were 115 participants. The third tournament was the 10th Annual South Jordan Doubles Tournament held in August with 86 participants.  Two of the tournaments were recreational and one was sanctioned by the USTA.  

This is also the tenth year that South Jordan City has been sponsoring USTA league teams. In 2014 South Jordan fielded in the summer league 9 women’s teams, 6 men’s teams and one mixed doubles team with a total of 617 participants.  In the fall league there were two women’s teams, one men’s team, and one mixed doubles team with 80 participants.  

South Jordan was represented by several tennis pros in 2014. John Lin, Bihn Huhn, and Penny Clinger.

There were several teams from South Jordan that moved on to post season play. The Men’s 2.5 team advanced to Nationals.  One of the Women’s 3.5 teams advanced to district playoffs and the South Jordan's Men's 40 & over 3.5 Team won the State championship on Labor Day weekend at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City and advanced to Sectionals in Denver, Colorado in mid-September where they went undefeated against the best teams from Nevada, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. From there they advanced to Nationals the last week in October in Tucson, Arizona and were the only Men's team to win every match in their flight automatically advancing them to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, Team South Jordan lost to a very good Seattle, Washington team but rallied in the second round against the Cincinnati, Ohio team to capture third place. Team members want to recognize the efforts of Coach John Lin who was instrumental in recruiting, training, and player line-ups - Thanks John! This past year and the run to Nationals from Labor Day Weekend on was a very fun and rare experience and will be a memory that the team will treasure. Submitted by Steve Robbins

CACHE VALLEY TENNIS ASSOCIATION - The Cache Valley Tennis Association made some amazing strides this past year.  Since 2006, the purpose of forming this organization was to have a voice in how the local public tennis tournaments were run and to make sure that the Sports Academy Programs and tournaments did not conflict with the tournaments that the Logan Parks and Rec Center were running.   It took us many years to get this voice.  This year the LPRC has turned over the two public parks tournaments to the CVTA and now we will run them through our website.  Our website now is accompanied by a facebook page and we have the ability to get our draws on line within hours of completing them, as compared to the slow process we went through using the LPRC website.  We have a strong sponsor and partner in DUO Marketing who revamped our website and does all the updating for us.  We now have Paypal set up where we can also collect entry fees through our website.  Since the beginning of this year we have added 4 new members to our Association, and there seems to be a lot of new excitement and participation.  Our current members and officers are:  Carolee Hammel, President;  Don Miskin, Vice-President; Anna Lyne Secretary; Torie Welch, Treasurer; Marcie Lyon, Web Master; Seeding Chairman, Matt Thatcher; Members at Large:  Lukas Bouton, Ron Bachman.   Read about us at cachevalleytennis.org.  Submitted by Carolee Hammel

MARRIOTT-SLATERVILLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION - There was a formal league for ages 13+ where they played 2 singles and one doubles.  We had a total of 6 teams and a total of 45 players, coming from Davis, Weber and Ogden counties.  A total of 6 matches were played and the top teams entered in district playoffs in Salt Lake City and had a great time.

The coaches were united in changing the minimum age of from 14 to 13 years of age.  The belief was that since this program could be used as a precursor for high school play, the sooner players got a feel for competition, the more they would be willing to play at the high school level.  We used Ben Lomond High School courts free of charge and played the matches in the morning.  The JTT program was deemed a great success and these teams will be entering next year.

We ran a 10 & Under  summer tennis program for Harrisville and Marriott-Slaterville Parks & Recreation.  It was held at the Harrisville tennis courts Monday-Thursdays through August.  The program was conducted by 2 adult volunteer coordinators and 6 youth interns.  All interns received training in the USTA 10 & Under program.  The interns were a great asset and brought a lot of sparkle to the program.  They easily related to the kids well and their USTA lesson plans helped them in meeting the needs and interests of the students.  

A mom had entered 4 children in our program, therefore, she was able to take our program for free.  This was the second summer she and her family were in our school program.  During the off-season she broke her foot.  However, on the first day of lessons she was there on the court with a soft boot wearing full tennis gear and racket.  She played and practiced all the while hobbling around the court.  That’s what you call a die hard tennis fan.  Submitted by James Ito

GRANTSVILLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION - 2014 was our first year of helping support tennis in our community.  Grantsville is located 40 miles outside of Salt Lake City.  We have 6 outdoor courts. Options for participation in tennis in our community are very limited.  Individuals do have opportunities for lessons, but not everyone can afford them.   There is no recreation tennis.  So we decided to set up match play in Grantsville.  To give kids more opportunities to play.  Weather permitting we have match play every Thursday evening from 7:00-9:00.  This match play is not just for youth that live in Grantsville.  We have invited the surrounding communities to participate as well.

During the summer before girls high school tennis starts we offer morning working outs which included conditioning, drills and match play three days a week at no charge. We encourage to kids to have fun and work hard.  

We appreciate all the support the Utah Tennis Association has given our program.  We are anticipating tremendous growth in 2015.  Submitted by Christy Johnson