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Hilary began playing competitive tennis at the age of 10.  She loved being a part of Brighton High’s championship team.  She later became a member of the University of Utah Women’s Tennis Team and enjoyed the travel and life long friendships that she made there.  Hilary was a wonderful tennis player and well liked by all of her peers.  No doubt, the most important part of Hilary’s success was her attitude and sportsmanship.  She always thanked everyone and was appreciative of playing in tennis tournaments.  The picture one remembers of Hilary playing tennis was always one of joy.  She kept her game competitive, but at the same time, she kept the ability to make sure she ENJOYED the game of tennis.  She never took the opportunities she was given in tennis lightly.  She was a representative of the best in Utah tennis.  Her attitude and work ethic on the court was a model for all young tennis players.  Hilary would take her losses and defeats without complaining.  She would take her victories without gloating.  She treated her opponents with fairness, generosity and courtesy.  She knew, understood and appreciated the rules of tennis.  She recognized that the necessity for a fair contest was essential.  At the end of the day, she was what you wanted from a young tennis player.  She was one of those real winners in tennis, who knew how to enjoy the game of tennis and who behaved with dignity – whether she won or lost a match.  She was the Golden Rule in Action.  Hilary passed away on April 1, 2006.  She loved all she met, saw only the best in everyone and brought a spark of joy and laughter into all of our lives with her unconditional love and energy.  It is truly fitting that our Junior Sportsmanship Award is given annually in memory of Hilary Ann Doyle.

Past Winners

  • 2016 - Emmie Moore
  • 2015 - Charlie Buxton
  • 2014 - Morgan Hall
  • 2013 - Emmie Moore
  • 2012 - Hardy Owen
  • 2011 - Kaylee Odom
  • 2010 - Taylor Calton
  • 2009 - Spencer Hafen
  • 2008 - Spencer Hafen
  • 2007 - Morgen Kiser