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ORANGE, GREEN and YELLOW BALL Instructional Team League
14&U beginning, intermediate & advanced
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For questions or more information please contact Garret Snyder 801-960-6254, gsnyder@ita.usta.com.


  • 14 and under: beginner, intermediate and advanced leagues with orange, green & yellow ball types.

  • Ensure skill level and quality of play 

  • Players register individually but list their team and other players to ensure they are on the correct team, need a minimum of 4 players but better to have more, but no more than 8.  The amount of play each player will have depends on how many players are on the team.  

  • Must be willing to travel to other clubs 

  • Matches will be held Friday & Saturday afternoon for two hours

  • Public courts, high schools will also be used and reserved, private courts may be used if the other team agrees

  • UTA will set a schedule before the league begins so teams know well in advance whether or not they need to reschedule and to plan accordingly.

  • Teams are allowed to reschedule if both teams agree. Otherwise the one requesting reschedule will have to take a default that week if the other team doesn't agree. 

  • All teams need to be organized ahead of time and have a team parent or a coach

  • The team must pick up balls before the league starts

  • 8 game pro set or one hour of play - REGULAR SCORING

  • Format: 4 singles & 2 doubles, (3 matches play at one time 2 singles/1 double)

  • Coaching and instruction allowed during match 

  • Team uniforms and team treats are encouraged

  • UTA will facilitate all the schedules and rosters. Registration is through Tennislink.




  • Entering competition for the first time
  • Player has limited serving experience
  • Able to serve in correct box 3 out of 10 
  • Beginning to keep score
  • Contacts more balls on forehand & backhand
  • Limited success in rallying
  • Beginning to learn correct position for singles & doubles


  • Prior match/league/tournament experience
  • Familiar with correct scoring
  • Understands basic doubles position and familiar with court position during rallies
  • Able to serve into correct box 6 out of 10
  • Limited double faults
  • Able to return most balls and starting to show consistency
  • Can volley slower-paced balls on both forehands and backhands


  • Tournament players moving into championship level tournaments
  • Open tournament success
  • Has dependable strokes, incluing spin and power
  • Uses lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys to set up points
  • Begins to use a game plan
  • Teamwork in doubles is evident
ATTN ALL TEAM CAPTAINS: If you have to reschedule your match because of weather or other reason you will need to coordinate this with the opposing captain and reschedule date/location between the two captains.  You will also need to contact the facility and cancel your original match courts (we don't want to pay for courts we are not using).  Also please send me a email so I can keep track of the courts you don't use: gsnyder@ita.usta.com  Thank YOU!
ANZ - Antczak Park: 801-943-3190 x 0 (Cottonwood Heights)
ECC - Eccles: 801-581-7075
SLTC - Salt Lake Tennis Club: 801-487-3206
SM - Sports Mall: 801-261-3426
OG - Ogden Athletic Club: 801-479-6500
Skyridge High School