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Player Development/Junior Competition 

Player Development/Junior programs offer additional training opportunities for juniors.  The Utah District Competition Training Center and Team Utah come under the Junior Competition Committee’s jurisdiction.  These supplemental programs are designed to enhance these exceptional players’ tennis performance in conjunction with independent training.  The selection process for the juniors is based on rankings, interest, enthusiasm, tournament participation, dedication and sportsmanship.  The Team Utah and CTC programs for the 2012 / 2013 season focused on helping our top juniors reach their full potential and giving them the opportunity to receive both on and off court training to help them get to the next level.  The Junior Recreation & Competition Committee and Junior Competition Coordinator Robin Wise works closely with the coaches and parents to help educate them on the competitive opportunities for our juniors as well as providing information to those who have the desire to progress in junior competition in the District, within the Section, and Nationally and to help prepare them for college play.   A portion of the cost of the program was reduced, due to the success of the 19th Annual Jan Dowse Junior Tennis Fundraiser.    A portion of the dollars raised by the UJTF were earmarked for junior tennis and will be used to help directly benefit those juniors who participate in the program. 

CTC 2012-2013


USTA Utah District Competition Training Center Head Coach Drew Sweet,
 Asst. Coach's: Evi Vandecasteele,Bijan Rasekhi & Bob Juhasz
Joshua Bearss, Anna Aaron, Daniel Blonquist, Daniela Aaron, Marcus Corbett,
Jacque Dunyon,Kaden Craig, Sicely Ferreira, J. Bridger Harrison, Anna Findley,
Henry Hutton, Katie Foley,Jakob Kempema, Savannah Frank, Jared Mansell,
Whitney Holman,Hardy Owen, EmmieKate Leishman, Redd Owen,
Olivia Teemant, Stephen Sheffield, Isaac Smith

Team Utah 2012-2013
Primary Coaches: Lindsay Rawstorne, Clark Barton, Brad Ferreira, Mike Trabert,
Rod Horton & Rick Billings
Boys’ & Girls’ 16’s: Kate Cusick, Killian Doran, Morgan Hall, Whitney Weisberg,
Brocton Andrus, Jonathan Dollahite, RJ Parker & Chase Stoner
Boys’ & Girls’ 18’s: Brooke Burnside, Madeline Foley, Emily Murnin, Katie Sweet,
Jay T. Anderson, Justin Mansell, Brenton Reyner & Jake Stevenson