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  Guidelines for Timed League Matches

  1. Please confirm with opposing captain prior to match to verify time and location.
  2. Both captains should exchange line-ups 10 minutes prior to play time, even if there are split times at the facilities.
  3. Players must be rostered before you exchange line ups.
  4. Warm up is limited to 5 minutes total.
  5. Scoring is regular scoring with a third set Coman tie break.
  6. You change sides after each set. If there is a tiebreak you do not change sides during the tiebreak but stay until the set is finished.
  7. Scores should be entered by the home team captain and verified by both captains within 48 hours of match time.
  8. If there’s a weather delay, the match needs to be rescheduled within 2 weeks or prior to end of league, whichever comes first, at the facility originally scheduled. Captains need to let the League Coordinator know of the rescheduled match.  Date for reschedule must be established within 7 days of originally scheduled match.  If there is a reschedule that occurs please cancel courts at the home facility as soon as you know that you will be rescheduling.  Also, if you’re defaulting any line please contact the facility so they can release the court.
  9. Total team defaults should never occur.  A total team default is defined as 50% or more of your lines defaulting.  The penalty for a total team default can be the following: You are required as a team to pay for the match that you defaulted.  All matches played to the point of the TTD will be taken away from your record and you will be removed from that league.  The League Committee can ban players on the team from league play for up to 6 months.  If there is a possibility that your team will have a TTD please contact the League Coordinator in advance.  She will help you to avoid the default.
  10. The number of below level players that can play weekly are the following:  3 lines of play = 2 BL players, 4 lines of play = 3 BL players, 5 lines = 4 BL players

90 Minute Timed Match Rules

  1. At the very beginning of the match one player on each court sets her/his phone alarm for 15  minutes before match time is over.
  2. After the alarm rings set it again for 15 minutes.
  3.  Play will be best of three sets, regular scoring and a match tie-break (first one to 10 by 2) in lieu of a third set.
  4. With 15 minutes remaining, complete the game in process.
  5. If games are even, play a set tie-break (first to 7 by 2) to determine the set.
  6. If a team is ahead by one game, play another game.  If a team is now ahead by two games, they win the set.
  7.  If games are now tied play a set tie-break (first to 7 by 2) to determine the winner of the set.
  8. If split sets, play a Coman tiebreak (first one to 10 by 2)
  9. If the 75 minute timer goes off and you’ve only just completed the first set you play a 7 point second set tiebreak.   
  10. If the final alarm goes off in the second set and a team is ahead 6-4, 3-2 they have won the match.
  11. If you are tied 6-4, 3-3, and completely out of time, play a sudden death point.
  12. If you are tied in games and the score of the current game is 40-30 and the final alarm goes off the match is over-with the team who has 40 as the winner.
  13. If you are even in a tie-break, and completely out of time, play a sudden death point.
  14. If the 90 minute timer goes off during a point, you will finish that point. 
  15.  Even though you are not changing sides until the end of each set, players may take a drink of water after odd number games (except after the 1st game of each set).  You may take up to 30 seconds to do so.