All matches will be played at Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club:  2471 South 1700 East, 


We have 11 covid safety measures in place for the players and spectators safety.


For more detailed information on each event you can click on the quick link.  The registration link is also on that page.


It is FREE to join UTR and takes about 2 minutes.


All UTR matches count towards your USTA rating and Visa Versa.


To see all 125 scheduled events:  go to: myutr.com/clubs/9266, scroll down to events and take a look!


Prices vary according to how heavily weighted the matches are, and how long you are on the court.


You are always paired with someone close to you UTR for level based play.  You will never play anyone that is more than 2.0 from your UTR.


To see who has registered and their UTR's go to the players section of each event.


All levels are welcome at every event.  If we don't have someone with 2.0 of your UTR to play, you will get a full refund within 2 business days.

--Thursday, 8/13, 6 pm, $30, singles, best 2/3 with a full 3rd set, regular scoring, Weighted 3rd heaviest, myutr.com/events/17959

--Saturday, 8/15, noon - 4 pm, singles, fast four method.  Play 3 different opponents, Most heavily weighted, $89., prizes, snacks, myutr.com/events/26424.

--Monday, 8/17,  SCHOOLS OUT!  Come get your PE class in!  Noon, Singles, $25, best 2/3 regular scoring with a tie break for the 3rd set.  weighted 4th heaviest, myutr.com/events/26332.

--Monday, 8/17, Mixed doubles, (One male, one female), 7:30 pm, $15/ p/p, UTR gives separate doubles and singles ratings. myutr.com/events/17948.

--Tuesday, 8/18, NO SCHOOL?  Come play tennis!  11 am, singles, $25, regular scoring, Best 2/3 with a 3rd set tie break. , weighted 4th heaviest, myutr.com/events/28342.

--Tuesday, 8/18, 7:30 pm, Singles, Best 2/3 regular scoring, with a 3rd set tie break.  $25.weighted 4th heaviest,  myutr.com/events/17898.

--Wednesday, 8/19, 10 am, Singles, $25, Best 2/3 with a 3rd set tie break, regular scoring, NO SCHOOL?  Come exercise with us and make it count towards your rating! weighted 4th heaviest, myutr.com/events/26375.

--Thursday, 8/20, 7:30 pm, Singles, $25, Best 2/3 with a 3rd set tie break, regular scoring,weighted 4th heaviest, myutr.com/events/26490.

--Friday, 8/21 & 22, 1-9 pm.  Guaranteed 4 matches.  Weighted the heaviest!  Cost $89., 2/3 regular scoring with a 3rd set tie break.  myutr.com/events/26488.

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