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If you are a parent or junior player new to tennis competition in Utah, we want you to know about the many ways you can enjoy tennis in our state. Junior players can participate in lessons at various facilities, both private and public. Players can also compete in tournaments offered year round. Also, players can join recreational leagues, 1 day events, and high level team workouts.

If you are looking for a provider near you, the Net Generation, and PlaySafe Tennis site will let you learn about all providers in our state.

Programs such as Live Ball offer players the opportunity to practice match scenarios in a fun setting each week for a six week period. 


10 and Under Junior Circuits

If you child is younger than 11, they are required to play in Orange or Green Ball Tournaments. They do not qualify for yellow ball until they have completed their "PlayTracker Points" (Click for more information)

Generally speaking Orange Ball Tournaments are for players age 7-9.

Green Ball Tournaments are for players age 9-11. 

11-18 Junior Circuits: (Played for Experience and Fun)

These are one day, non elimination tournaments. These are 

for beginner to intermediate players age 11-18. Often the players are grouped by skill level (WTN) as well as age.

Ranked Tournaments: Level 6-4 (Gaining Ranking Points and Experience)

Level 7 Green Ball: Intermediate green ball. For players age 12U who have finished their "PlayTracker Points" or are still developing on a green ball.


Level 6: Intermediate local tournaments. Many of our high level high school players enter the level 6's in the 14's-18s. Also intermediate 12 year olds. 


Level 5: Intermediate to Advanced Tournament. These are open to our section and include many of Utah's high level players


Level 4: Intermediate to Advanced Tournaments: This is a sectional tournament and players are selected by their "ranking points". These are the top players in the section.