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NEW To Junior Tennis In Utah?

If you are a parent or junior player new to tennis competition in Utah, we want you to know about the many ways you can enjoy tennis in our state. Junior players can participate in lessons at various facilities, both private and public. Players can also compete in tournaments offered year round. Also, players can join recreational leagues, 1 day events, and high level team workouts.

If you are looking for a provider near you, the Net Generation site will let you learn about all providers in our state.


OPEN Tournaments

Sectional Level 6 

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: These tournaments are for the highest level performance players in each age division.    

CHALLENGER Tournaments

Sectional Level 7

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: These tournaments are for the junior player with some tournament experience.  Age groups 14-18 will compete with the Yellow ball.  12s will compete with the Green Dot ball. 10s will compete with the Orange ball.  Players must compete in age group of their Current age.  No “Playing Up” for any age group.

FUTURES Tournaments

Sectional Level 8

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: These events are designed for players just starting to compete in tournaments.  These tournaments are non-elimination events with Round Robin Formats and timed matches.  Age groups 12-18s will compete with the Green Dot ball. 10s will compete with the Orange Ball.

Learn more about the special rules regarding 10 & Under players.

Get Your Junior Player Started Today!

Our highest level of players can apply to become team members in our Team Utah, CTC, or EDC programs. Each program offers high level training to help bring together the best players in their age groups from our community.

We are so excited to offer tennis to your junior player!


Call Robin Wise, our Junior Tournament Competition Coordinator for more questions about how to get your junior player out on the courts!

Robin Wise

Tournament/Junior Competition Committee Coordinator

801-944-8782 x113


Net Generation, official youth tennis of the USTA, gives kids the skills to be great, on and off the court.

Questions?  Please contact: Garrett Snyder gsnyder@ita.usta.com

or Utah Tennis Association  (801) 944-8782 

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