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Women's 4SCORE Tournaments
A Utah Tennis Association One Day Event


4SCORE is a one day, 3 hour tournament where teams of 4 compete against each other for fun. 



           A match consists of 16 games: 

8 games played by 1st doubles team.

Home team serves first.
8 games played by 2nd doubles team.

Visitor serves first.

         Players switch court ends after 4 games         

No Ad Scoring

        Sudden death tie break at 4-4.  Next server in rotation serves. 

         Report your scores after you play. 

Cheer, chat and coach away!


The team with the most cumulative games won will be awarded 1st place. This event will not count toward your NTRP. 

Players must register for the division that matches their current NTRP. 

Women's 4 Score Event
Hw many people are you paying for?

Admission fee for this course is $10


Thanks for registering!

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