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More 4Score, Please

Awww, summer is ending. The Back-to-School photos are adorable. You may have even shed a tear or two about how fast those babies are growing up. Changing daily routines can be a challenge, but we have a suggestion on how to spend a little Friday free time.

It's 4Score time, Girl!

Get your team of 4 ready and register for the upcoming 4Score events.

September 8 (register by 8/31): Women's 2.5

September 15 (register by 9/7): Women's 3.0

September 22 (register by 9/14): Women's 3.5

October 6 (register by 9/28): Women's 4.0/4.5

All events held at Sports Mall in Murray, 10am - 1pm. Cost $35/player.

Click here to register:

A match consists of 16 games: 8 games played by 2 teammates. Home team serves first. 8 games played by the next two teammates. Visitor serves first.

- Players switch court ends at 4 games. No Ad Scoring

- Sudden death tie break at 4-4. Next server in rotation serves.

- Report your scores after you play. Cheer, chat and coach away!

Questions? Contact

Gretchen Soffe

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