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Perks of 55 & Over Tennis:WINNING

Here are a few advantages of being 55 years or older:

  • Receiving free or discounted travel rates

  • Qualifying to live in communities

  • Earning wisdom and experience to handle life's challenges

For Utah's 55 & Over Men and Women 6.0 teams, these sage seniors also gathered up some killer instincts. Over a beautiful mid-September weekend in Denver, CO, these teams battled other Intermountain districts and walked away with an invitation to compete in the National Championships in Orlando, FL next month!

Ivory Ridge 55+ Women 6.0 Captain Penny McCord, Shauna Peterson, Shellie Black, Becky Nelson, Kari Majors, Elizabeth West, Diana Lacey, Paula Neill, Chris Peterson, & Brenda Green.

Sports Mall 55+ Men 6.0

Captain David Osborn, Shawn Turner, Thad Smith, Ronald Zimmerman, Reed Reinhold, Jeff Henderson, Kirk Watanuki, Davide Klein, Ron Burnside, Kevin Shafer, & Mike Easton.

USTA Utah is so proud of our 55 & Over Teams.

Best of luck with your

National Championship matches!

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