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Results: Labor Day L4 Tournament

Utah hosted the Level 4 Closed, Intermountain Labor Day Sectional tournament this weekend. Junior players from the Intermountain Section competed in over 500 matches in this 3 day event.

In reviewing the results of the amazing matches, one message became clear. Utah players DELIVERED!

Boys' 12 & Under Singles

3rd Place: Riboud, Gaspar

Consolation: Miller, Benjamin

Girls' 12 & Under Singles

Winner: Heimburger, Sophie (Utah)

Finalist: Bergin, Heidi

3rd Place: Wolfe, Isabella

Consolation: Yerrapureddy, Joshya (Utah)

Boys' 14 & Under Singles

Finalist: Miller, Nikolas

3rd Place: Celechovsky, Lucas

Consolation: Karras, Sam (Utah)

Girls' 14 & Under Singles

Winner: Lee, Addison

Finalist: Salea, Samantha (Utah)

3rd Place: Byun, Soo-Ah (Utah)

Consolation: Gonzalez, Luciana M (Utah)

Boys' 16 & Under Singles

Winner: Mesicek, Oliver (Utah) Finalist: Jansen, Tai (Utah)

3rd Place: Hajek, Trevor

Consolation: Sparks, Lucas (Utah)

Girls' 16 & Under Singles

Winner: Dowdell, Sophie (Utah)

Finalist: Dowdell, Emi (Utah)

3rd Place: Sperry, Kaia (Utah)

Consolation: Armstrong, Andi (Utah)

Boys' 18 & Under Singles

Winner: Armstrong, Calvin (Utah)

Finalist: Miner, Adam (Utah)

3rd Place: Burriesci, Luke

Consolation: Jenkins, Cole (Utah)

Girls' 18 & Under Singles

Winner: Olsen, Avery (Utah)

Finalist: Lewis, Bella (Utah)

3rd Place: Stohl, Lily (Utah)

Consolation: Carter, Elisabeth (Utah)

Boys' 12 & Under Doubles

Girls' 12 & Under Doubles

Winners: Bergin, Heidi / Bergeson, Lyla (Utah)

Boys' 14 & Under Doubles

Girls' 14 & Under Doubles

Finalists: Salea, Samantha (Utah) / Kuykendall, Kimber

Boys' 16 & Under Doubles

Winners: Noori Claro, Kian (Utah) / Mesicek, Oliver (Utah Finalists: Sparks, Lucas (Utah) / Johnson, Braeden

Girls' 16 & Under Doubles

Winners: Dowdell, Emi (Utah) / Dowdell, Sophie (Utah)

Finalists: Addison, Alicia / Sperry, Kaia (Utah)

Boys' 18 & Under Doubles

Winners: Armstrong, Calvin (Utah) / Jenkins, Cole (Utah)

Finalists: Hopkin, Owen (Utah) / Owen, Ford (Utah)

Girls' 18 & Under Doubles

Winners: Christopulos, Tia (Utah) / Christopulos, Tana (Utah)

Finalists: Bergeson, Sage (Utah) /Sharma, Anika

To accommodate the more players, mosts divisions included multiple flights. To find out the winners of those flights (Red and Green), please check out the tournament homepage.

Congratulations on your excellent work, Utah Junior players!!

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