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Spencer Marchant - Servant of the Tennis Community

Spencer Marchant is the most gracious, humble and generous ambassador of tennis in our community. Spencer runs two large tennis facilities, both with bubbles that are no joy to put up and take down every year. Taking over Liberty Park and Wasatch Hills after the retirement of Coach Mike, Spencer has given just as much love to these properties as his predecessor.

Spencer and his team embarked on a massive fundraising campaign to bring a beautiful new bubble and new courts to the Wasatch Hills location, along with a great new clubhouse to replace the old log cabin.The new bubble is beautiful, and a total gift to the community. We are so excited for the hundreds of people who will get to benefit from these great new facilities.

Spencer leads with enthusiasm, dedication and from the heart. His organization hosts dozens of community events on the Liberty and Wasatch Hills courts each year with both sites open to the public for their use.

For his many hours of dedication to our sport, Spencer Marchant is presented with the Linda Vincent Community Service Award.

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