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Tennis IS A Good Thing In Utah

Posted: Apr 25, 2024 / 12:04 PM MDT

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — May is National Tennis month and Tori Locke and Lexi Farr from the Utah Tennis League joined us on the show to share why tennis should be your next hobby. The two shared how they first got started playing the sport, emphasizing that you do not have to have any experience to get started. The Utah Tennis Association offers beginner classes that can help you begin where you are at.

Locke and Farr shared several benefits tennis can have on your mental and physical health. Getting involved in a sport contributes to living a healthy lifestyle. It also allows you to connect with great people who value the sport and social connections. They mentioned that there are so many ways to play tennis, from social matches with friends to competitive leagues and tournaments.

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Watch the Video of Tori and Lexi here:

May is National Tennis Month. We want you to get inspired and get started. We can help. See how by checking out MayIsNationalTennisMonth.

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