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USTA Utah Recognizes Exceptional Tennis Community Members: Meet Our Honorees

Susan Daynes-David L Freed Award Honoree

The David L. Freed Award was established in 1979 to be presented annually to an individual who has constantly provided leadership and example both in quality of play and service to the game.

This is a generic description of the prestigious award. In reality,

Susan Daynes

brings a rich history of service touching the lives of many tennis players in our community.

USTA Utah celebrated its annual awards ceremony Monday, February 5th at the beautiful setting of The Leonardo, downtown Salt Lake City.

The process of determining the annual awards begins with soliciting nominations from players and professionals. A committee reviews the submissions and votes to determine the winner. It is a privilege to have so many worthy nominees from which to choose.

Go to our annual awards page

to learn more about Susan Daynes

and the other amazing award recipients.

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