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WTH is WTN?!

The world has many acronyms and initials but we want you to get familiar with this one. The World Tennis Number (WTN) was developed by the International Tennis Federation. This number is free and assigned to anyone who's played a USTA match within the last 5 years. The WTN number applies to both Singles and Doubles players.

Find your number (or your on-court rival's number) by logging into the USTA Apple app or search here

Benefits of WTN, according to USTA website include:

  • It's a free 40-1 scale which makes assessing your play and seeing your progression more fun and rewarding.

  • Players get one ITF WTN for singles and one for doubles. Beginners start at 40 and pro players will be closer to 1.

  • A personalized tool, GameZone, helps you identify players of similar skill level.

  • You can search an online community to find players wherever you are.

  • A wide range of player statistics help you track and improve your game.

  • It’s a tool for college coaches to use to evaluate prospective student-athletes worldwide.

Look for WTN tournaments/events in your area. These events will offer more options for competitive matches regardless of age or NTRP ranking. Have fun monitoring your WTN as you spend more time on the courts!

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