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4.5 Men Bound for Nationals

Over the September 8-9 weekend, Utah teams competed in the

USTA 40 & Over Intermountain Playoffs in Denver, CO. The winners of each division advance to the national championships in the coming months.

Hats off to Liberty Park's 4.5 Men team!

Captain Jon Penman leads the following team players to a hopeful national win in the coming months.

Brian Kasteler, Bruce Brandon, Danny Owen, James Marsh, Jason Nielsen, Jason Petersen, Jonathan Brown, Karl Ward, Kris Rosander, Kyle Kugler, Lun Dai,

Mitch Easton, Riley Booker, Ryan Scott, Tim Sears.

Best of luck! Go get 'em!

If you are interested in getting involved in Adult League play,

check out Adults Leagues or contact

Ally Sundberg at

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