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Early Development Camp (EDC)

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

The Early Development Camp (EDC) of 8-10 year old players kicked off the 2019 season this weekend at Eccles Tennis Center. Brad Ferreira is head coach for the program with rotating coaches from surrounding facilities.

Players: Neal Anderson, Nivedita Bakshi, Crew Bastian, Lyla Bergeson, Courtney Call, Leo Chun, Anna Dorny, Wyatt Eller, Ove Fackrell, Thomas Ferguson, Nate Gardner, Gavin Grant, Bryson Hasler, Dan Jansen, Vin Jansen, Jessi King, JJ Lewis, Chris Little, Mack Mandelaris, Chloe Mills, Jane Moon, Kamryn Newman, Rafael Olsen, Liam Reddy, Kiri Sperry, Michael Sperry, Ryder Thurgood, Matthew White, Andie White

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