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Junior Firecracker Slam July 25-27

Sparks are gonna fly at the Firecracker Slam with compass draw tournament!

What is a compass draw and how does it work? This format gives players an opportunity to play lots of matches. It also can accommodate different ability levels in one draw.

At the end of each round, the winners continue in their tournament in the same direction, while the losers move to other points on the compass to form a new satellite tournament.

  • At the end of round 1: The winners go east and losers go west

  • At the end of round 2: The east losers go north and west losers go south

  • At the end of round 3: The east losers go northeast while north losers go northwest. West losers go southwest. South losers go southeast

  • At the end of round 4: The winners play the finals on each draw sheet and the losers are out of the tournament (unless otherwise noted).

This means players get more matches so get registered today!

DIVISIONS: This is a Level 6 USTA tournament with divisions in Boys and Girls 12 - 18 in both singles and doubles.


Salem Hills High School(SHHS) 150 Skyhawk Blvd., Salem, UT.

Mt. Nebo Middle School (MNMS) 851 West 450 South, Payson, UT.84651

Payson Junior High School 1025 UT-198 Payson, Utah 84651

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