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Park City MARC: 10&Under Event

Orange Crush!


USTA Junior Circuit: Park City MARC 10U Orange 1200 Little Kate Rd

Park City, UT

Open to 10 & Under Coed Singles Players

Registration Closes: October 27


Play will begin at 4:00pm at the PC MARC.

Helpers roam on court to help players understand the scoring and stay on track.

No ad scoring.

Matches will be first to four games or 15 minutes, whichever comes first.

Play will be indoors on both our indoor courts and bubble courts. Contact information Danica Ingwaldson - Tournament Director Email: Phone: 385-481-8392

Why Orange Balls?

Slower balls give players more time and control making it easier for them to rally and to develop advanced tactics and technique. An optimal striking zone on most groundstrokes is between waist and shoulder height; the slower balls ensure the ball will most often land within this strike zone for young children, where traditional yellow balls frequently bounce above their head.

The ball must also fit the player’s ability, as well as their height. Young players have relatively slower reactions and less experience. They need more time to determine where the ball will land and get to it.

Apart from the bounce height, the velocity of the ball through the air and at rebound is slower. This reduced velocity gives children with basic or developing sensory-motor skills, more time and control so that they can rally successfully, by perceiving, moving to, positioning around, and striking the ball.

For children between 8-10, orange balls move a little faster through the air than the red ball, but have a lower bounce height than the green ball. The ball can be hit within the confine of the 60’ court, so the player can rally, serve, and volley with great success.

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