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SLTHC Announces New COVID-19 Protocol (PLEASE READ)


The SLTHC has announced new COVID-19 restrictions at the club. Players playing doubles will now be required to wear masks while playing doubles. Here is a statement from the owners:

Dear Members and Friends, All of us are aware that the critical numbers for Covid tragically continue to go up--infection rates, hospitalizations, and deaths. None of us have escaped the scourge of this terrible pandemic and we need to do everything we can to protect our family, our friends, and ourselves. The Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club has been a leader in Utah for taking strong measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our club and our community. We have been blessed that our members and guests have embraced these safe practices, and as a result, the Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club has not been a spreader of Covid. Our goal since the beginning of the pandemic in mid-March has been to keep the club open and support the health and wellbeing of our members and guests by creating a safe and secure environment while adhering to CDC guidelines and state and local guidelines. We have researched the best practices of tennis and health clubs around the nation, consulted with our health and safety advisor, and held numerous in-depth conversations with the Club management team. As a result, we have updated our health and safety protocols which are explained in this email update. We understand that these recommendations and policies may be challenging to some Club members. However, we feel the following guidelines and rules are necessary to do everything we can to prevent the spread of Covid and to save the lives of our loved ones, neighbors, or even ourselves. If you would like to discuss these new protocols please feel free to speak with Karen, the Club Manager, or Jason the Director of Tennis. With gratitude and wishes for a safe and healthy holiday season. Laury Hammel, Owner of the Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club

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