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UT Players Compete in National Team Championships

USTA Intermountain is sending a team of four boys and four girls (plus one coach) to the Intersectional Team Championships at the beginning of July. This is a National Level 1 team event where all of the Sections send their top players in the 14s and 16s age groups. The 14s will be played in Auburn, AL.

Team Intermountain:

Caden Hasler, UT

Rocco Mendez, NV

Xavier Calvelo, NV

Christian Trevey, CO

Meg McCarty, MT

Mira Filiberti, NV

Caroline Lemcke, NV

Ellie Gyruo, UT

Coach - Holly Hasler, UT

The 16s will be played in Shreveport, LA.

Team Intermountain:

Quinn Vandecasteele, UT

Tyler Wells, UT

Garen Spicka, NV

Kyle Garner, ID

Madison Smith, NV

Lindsey Hofflander, NV

Isabella Brilliant, ID

Emmie Moore, UT

Coach - Adolph Huddleston, NV

Best of luck to Caden, Ellie, Quinn, Tyler, Emmie and Coach Holly!

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