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Wild Card Qualifier Creates Opportunities

The 40 & Over USTA League offers limited to space for teams to advance to Districts, Sectionals and National Championships. The Wild Card Qualifier opens a door of opportunity for teams to fast-track to the playoffs. Showing up to compete in a super hot weekend has its rewards. If a team competing in the WCQ advances to Districts via regular league play, then the 2nd place team in the WCQ will go to Districts. Must be present to win, as they say.

Twenty-two teams played, July 19-22nd, all the while exhibiting impressive tennis skills and get'er-done attitudes. Congrats to the winning teams!

3.0 W - South Jordan-Sharples/Maxfield

3.5 W - Spanish Fork -Harlan/Daniels

4.0 W - Cottonwood Club-Warren/Kasteler

4.5 W - CMTA @ Liberty Park-Stoner

3.5 M - Sports Mall-Ludlow

4.0 M - CMTA @ Liberty Park-Cheng

South Jordan - Sharples/Maxfield

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